+Engineering Support at the system or subsystem level

- to support for the editing, the setting up and the follow up of the Engineering Development Plan,
 the Integrated Logistic Plan
- to support the review at the different steps: Design (Preliminary Review, Critical Review),  Manufacturing & Test Readiness Review, Final Acceptance
- to define the components policy
- to support for the issue of the State of Work (SOW) & requirements towards the subcontractors
- to support the management tasks during the AIT phase

+Product and Quality Assurance Engineering

We can establish a complete Product/Quality assurance program or provide specialists in various quality disciplines and at various stages of development and during the Assembly/ Integration/ Tests.of Satellite
Risk identification, reliability analysis and FMECA generation
Dependability,Reliability Assurance, Safety Analysis (RAMS)
EEE Parts& Materials and processes selection and approval
Management of non-conformance reports and waivers
Configuration management (“as built” versus “as design” compliance)

Product & Quality assurance controls the design development and production process throughout the hardware and software life cycle which includes the review of project and product documentation before the formal release for manufacturing, integration and test.

+Risk Assessment & Management

The tasks of the Risk Management are to assess the risk in different steps:
- Definition of the program risk policy (to define the level of criticality)
- Identification and assessments of Risks (Identification of difficult points of the project, definition of
 the risks & assessments i.e. potential root causes with the probability of occurrence (P) and the
 association gravity (G) )
- Decision and Action (Risk ranking, Build up of the mitigation plan)
- Monitoring (Action & Risks monitoring) and to propose the reduction risk actions

+Training for satellite System
Effective Quality Assurance system in Space Environment
Product assurance:
- Methodology
- Radiation Environment
- EEE parts & Materials Process
- Risk assessment
- Auditing
- Assembly/Integration Quality Assurance
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